Winter’s On

To all our beloved patrons,

We have been greatly overjoyed with the start of our season and the wonderful support we have seen from all of you who joined us. After much hard work, we were one of the first in the province to open and remain committed to providing a safe, fun and socially distant ski season moving forward.

As the current province-wide lockdown scenario unfolds, ski resorts have unfortunately been deemed a non-essential service for the 28-day period beginning Janaury14th and thus, Mount Jamieson will have to remain closed. That being said, we are happy to announce that we have been approved to host Snowshoeing events and the potential for Tube Park may be on the horizon! Please follow our Facebook for the most up to date information.
Our ski season is far from over and we are committed to getting everyone back on the slopes as soon as we can. We will continue to work diligently during this lockdown period to get our terrain in top shape and reopen our doors with full ski terrain / tube park access.

The Mount Jamieson Team

Maybe it’s time for a Jamie day. Ski, snowboard tube down the mountain, learn how to avoid those trees, skip the scary runs with the trail map and finish your day with an Irish coffee. Sounds good, right?